POSTURE - Alignment of the Body

What does the body posture of the girl above tell you? How about the man below?


During the day you hold your body in different positions while you are standing at the canteen, sitting at a meeting or lying down on the sofa at home.

Maintaining our posture might sound easy because we do it automatically or unconsciously. Several muscles do the job for us. We don't need to stop and think about which arm should we put on the top when we fold our arms while listening to our boss at our desk. Just fold your arms now and check how automatic it is.

Your posture tells a lot about your mood, motivation, confidence, intentions and emotional states to other people. You can also get significant amount of important information through other people's body posture. You just need to be aware of it (or "read" it).

Your posture says a lot about your Ego State as well. If you are able to detect this information it helps you identify your own and other people's current Ego State. Having this information you can be more conscious about where the communication or conversation is going. You can predict your partner's possible reactions and create a plan how you wish to alter and influence it towards the constructive direction.

Let us take an example. You need to work with two colleagues who are always having an argument during thee meetings. This is what you can see:


What do the postures of the man on the left and the woman on the right tell you?

Let us add some words to the situation. One possible analysis of the conversation is here:

You can see both parties to maintain a dominant posture and their words are typically coming from the Critical Parent Ego State. They are about to convince the other person that they are OK but the other one is not OK. The are Persecuting each other. The real meaning of their messages (at Psychological level) are: "I want to get rid of you".

Have a look at the following example below. What do their postures tell you? Can you predict where this communication is going to?


How about this one? What is this posture about?


Or this one?


POSTURE COACHING helps you position your body in the space, arrange your limbs in the most appropriate way whenever it is important and decode other people's postures and use that information in a constructive way.

Together we observe others as they are positioning their body in presence of others. We record your postures too and analyze them. You will soon become an expert at evaluating the arrangements of the limbs.

By paying attention to your own body when communicating with others you will have greater influence on them. By paying attention to others, you can collect useful information that can be used during the further stages of the communication. You can ask more accurate and appropriate questions. You become a better influencer, teacher or salesman.

When you feel you can read the body we can say good-bye to each other. The coaching process is over.

Next time you may want to work on another topic so you can call me to work on the FACIAL EXPRESSIONS you use when communicating with others. This is the sixth field in my coaching portfolio (see above by clicking on the fifth picture).

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Key Features


Variables: Habitually assumed positions, Pose (intentionally set position), Mirroring, Orientation, Openness, Closeness, Dominance, Submission, Interest, Proxemics, Ego states and positions

Examples: Showing confidence, making a good first impression, creating trust, communicating acceptance, keeping optimal distance, improving self-esteem, energizing the body, detecting attitude, decoding openness, interest, attention, involvement and attraction